Monday, September 8, 2008

U is for Unicorn

The Mexican graphic design magazine known as TIYPO has been asking different designers to participate in their upcoming issue. Each designer is given a different letter of the alphabet and has to design something that starts with it. Therefore, U is for Unicorn. Again with the unicorns...I know, I know.
Jorge got the letter G and I must say, it came out R-A-D. So rad in fact that it got the cover! You can check Jorges design on his Super-Macho Blogo.


damon said...

that is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt

*daisy said...

well, unicorns are just that awesome! ha ha! very cute! I love it! : D

Gnarfdeath said...


KK said...

loving it!

Frida said...

Que tierno dibujo!! es muy lindo.
Bueno, queria felicitarte a ti y a tu esposo Jorge Gutierrez por el trabajo de El Tigre, es una serie genial. Aproposito ¿tienes el blog de Jorge? por que solo se el tuyo.
Sigan asi!!

paige said...

Ultra Unique and Ummmmmazing Unicorn.

burgerlog said...

I LOVE THIS UNICORN!!! I would like one to hang on our walls please.

Mark Ackland said...

Unicorns are nice. This unicorn is super nice!

My alter ego is a unicorn by the name of...

"Forehead Horn the Last Unicorn"

No foolin'

cecymeade said...

que lindo
ya quiero ver la revista
yo tuve el gusto de participar con la letra o
de obeso :P
pero no he posteado nada

Anonymous said...

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