Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bear and Bird Gallery!

Hi all!
So, the lovely Amanda up at the Bear and Bird Gallery asked me to be in their upcoming show, Small Stuff 2. I have the honor of displaying artwork with other great artists such as the great Lorelay Bove, Jason Limon, Jack Long, and a myriad of any other great talents!
She's been a real sweetie from the start and has been keeping us posted and updating emails every time she can. This morning, I received another update. This one was about a nice writeup printed out in the newspaper, the Sun-Sentinel, regarding the upcoming show! The kicker was how very surprised I was to see one of my paintings in the article! What a lovely way to start a morning :) Amanda, you are too sweet to have sent this! Thank you!


The flyer for the show!

That's me in the center..yikes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One of the handiest things to do around Spain was to get on the little red tour buses. Not only did we get to learn about Spain and it's history, architecture and customs but our feeties got a nice rest as well which is quite nice after walking around non-stop for 3 hours straight.

Well, it was on one of these tour buses that, on one good day, we were being shown Barcelona's beautiful bay area. From far away, I saw a man coming towards us wearing what appeared to be only swimming trunks. Or very tight underwear. Either way, it wasn't until we drove right past by him that I discovered that his entire torso was tattooed and that his "bathing suit" was tattooed on as well. I only got a glimpse of his rear as he walked away whistling a merry little tune and I could have sworn it was my imagination...but my sister in law saw him as well. So, somewhere in Spain, there is a man walking around strutting in all his tattooed splendor, causing spectators to wonder whether or not what they just saw was real or not.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Viva Michoacan!

Jorge and I were lucky enough to be invited to the prestigious Universidad Tec de Monterrey Campus Morelia in Michoacan to give a small presentation about animation and EL TIGRE. The people were all so nice and it felt even better to talk to kids from Mexico that wanted to learn about animation and everything it envelopes.

I'd like to mention that Morelia, Michoacan also happens to be my parents old stomping grounds. It's where they went to school and they came of age, per say. So it felt extra nice to be visiting and to imagine that I was stepping on the same streets that they stepped on when they were young.

Below is a "guari", a woman from Michoacan culture with the traditional dress. I told the kids at the university I'd design one and put it on my blog. Hope you like it!