Monday, January 25, 2010

Don Nacho and Camila

Back when I was 7ish, I remember my dad introduced me to a very round, sweaty, pink, gentleman named Don Nacho and his extravagant wife Camila. Don Nacho was a patient of my fathers' and he proved to be a very happy fun going guy. He always wore a sombrero and jeans and Camila never left the house it seemed without a heavy application of mascara and her hair done up. They owned nurseries where they grew trees and such and sold them to the county to plant on the sides of freeways. Therefore, they were pretty well off (aka, VERY rich). They had a wonderful marriage and you could tell they loved each other very much. They were both loud, jubilant people willing to share anything they had with friends. I remember going to their house back then and being in awe of their living room decor which resembled a small nightclub complete with neon volcano lamps, leather couches and neon signs. Think Scarface with a sunken living room and barely lit except for the neon coming from the lamps. Unfortunately, the friendship with my father ended quite abruptly due to Don Nachos death and we lost touch with them. Nevertheless, they remain in my thoughts as one of the most interesting couples I met when I was little.