Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hi everyone.
I would like to thank all those that came down to see the show last Friday at SUBTEXT. SHowing there is great because they make you feel so warm and fuzzy :)
Thanks to the SUBTEXT guys Dylan and Don.
Thanks to Israel and Matte.

Since the show is up already, here are the pieces I showed this time round.

SeƱor Pedro Burro (a sus ordenes)

Bucky Wears a Hat



Jean Pierre Proudly Poses in His Skates

Cats Pijamas

Birdies on a Plane Ride

Mr.Ducks Goes Sailing With the Crew

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi everybody!
So this upcoming Nov 7th, I will be in an art show with Matte Stephens and Israel Sanchez, 2 heavy duty amazing artist down in SD at the awesome SUBTEXT gallery. The name of the show is THREE since it's just three of us. The theme was just to have fun with whatever you wanted and I must say they came up with GREAT stuff!
Here is a link to the page:

Heres a little glimpse at one of the pieces Jorge bought (oh Jorge, when will you learn that I CAN PAINT YOU ANYTHING WHENEVER YOU WANT!!!)