Friday, February 6, 2009


Everybody loves Joan Holloway. She's impeccably dressed to go to work every day, never a hair out of place, knows the ups and downs of the business, knows how to polka and she has a rockin' bod. Heres my version of her.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I know Jorge and I are kinda late to hop on board the MAD MEN bandwagon, but we got on anyways. The show is so well designed and their use of color is enviable! It's everywhere, from their props to what their wearing to how the actors are framed in shots.
So as a tribute to the show, I've decided to post up my version of PEGGY OLSON from the show. She started as meek as a mouse but the girl is growing more and more in each episode. She's probably the most interesting character...other than Salvatore of course!
Enjoy :)

Tims Family

Hi guys! Tim Yoon was our line producer on EL TIGRE (and a mighty fine one at that!) He's also a very dear friend and one of the first to find out that Jorge and I are having a baby. Once he did find out he was kind enough to take us out to celebrate at a delicious restaurant (Din Tai Fung...yum!), bought me my first baby book, and would call to check up on Jorge and I every once in a while at the first stages of my can't get any nicer than that! So in exchange I decided to paint him a little family portrait to say thank you :) This is the outcome, I hope you like :)