Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tammis Keefe

Who says a bad thing cant lead to a good thing?
So I got sick yesterday. I was happy pappy and then my body suddenly decided to cave in. It felt as though someone hit me with a huge stick. I had a sore throat, my body ached, I had a fever and I had serious chills...not the spooky kind.
So I slept...and slept. And slept some more. So much in fact that when night time hit, I just couldn't go to sleep. So I surfed the net...til 6:30 am. As I was surfing the net though, I discovered Tammis Keefe. She was a textile designer graduated from Chouinard Art Institue. She passed away when she was just 46. Anywho, she created tons of amazing little illustrations for hankies. Without further ado, I give you some samples. Enjoy ;)

Her shapes are so simple!

Her limited palette is awesome!

I love this one because the cows are wearing boots and hats.


*daisy said...

oh wow! they're gorgeous! Thanks for sharing her stuff! : ) it's so inspiring to look through- totally bookmarking her site now...

hope you feel better soon!! It sucks being sick : ( (hug!)

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

it's like your long lost sister!

paige said...

Sandra! We really are kindred spirits (at least, art-wise!) I have a whole folder of her stuff...sooooo gorgeous! Tammis Keefe rules. Also, look for Pat Pritchard hankys too!

googiecat said...

I work for somebody that used to design for Tammis Keefe. He, interestingly enough, told me that she was the partner/lover of Jane Trahey the famous pioneer woman ad exec. (what becomes a legend most) and author (The book that became the movie "The Trouble With Angels") He said they threw amazing lavish parties in their country home.

Anonymous said...

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