Monday, August 25, 2008

Don Raul...or my first experience with a cigarette.

When I was little, my dad would tend to bring home guests to have lunch with us. These people varied and would sometimes be relatives, sometimes friends other times acquaintances. Don Raul was a gentleman my dad brought home around 3 times. He really stuck out in my head because he was an unusually tall, lanky man with a sadness to him.
He was a construction worker, except he wore dress pants, clean work shirts and really awesome (HUGE) shoes. He looked like he had an office job.
Well, it happened one day that my father hired Don Raul to help us build a back room to our house. I would frequently go out back and play with little pieces of wood that were left over from the construction. Don Raul rarely spoke except to tell me to be careful. On his breaks, he would have a smoke. I would watch him light up, finish smoking and then he'd continue working.
One day, Don Raul didn't come to work.
But he left his ciggies.
Being the curious little monkey, little Sandra lit up and inhaled ... DEEEEEEEEPLY.
Little Sandra almost threw up.
I had never known such excruciating pain! It felt as though someone set my lungs and throat on fire! I tried to remain calm but I must have been hacking and gagging out there for what seemed hours. I felt so dizzy.
Well, lesson learned. I didn't like cigarettes.
To this day, every time I see a little packet of Marlboro's, I remember Don Raul and my smoking incident.

Don Raul


damon said...

both of my parents smoke and when i was little i thought it was so cool and begged them to let me try

they did and i puffed away all cool

then they said "inhale" and i coughed and coughed

that was the end of me smoking

that is a wonderful drawing i love his posture really nice design

Fulanita said...

Thx Damon! Glad to know were "kindred spirits" when it comes to this! Ha, ha, ha!

aaron said...

this post makes me want to smoke cigarettes. look at how cool don raul looks sitting there. thanks sandra, now i'm going to get the cancer and die.

Sadie Figueroa said...

Don Raul, is an awesome character design. I love his cool shoes.

Tara Billinger said...

I love hearing childhood stories to go along with an art piece! I can totally relate. Very cool piece.

Jublin said...

yes cool indeed! i think i saw your art a few months ago at a gallery in san diego. subtext? Couldn't make it to the party opening night, but it was great stuff!

julianlennontorreslemus said...

Cool draw!

Mukpuddy said...

Ha ha, great story Sandra, and awesome pic!!

KK said...

that is hysterical! "...hacking and gagging for what seemed like hours..."

i used to play with the fake cigs that were also bubble gum...

a lot less hacking and gagging! LOL

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

Good thing Don Raul wasn't doing black tar heroine.

paige said...

I love the drawing of Don Raul. And I like even more that you just had a smoking incident...not a habit! Good girl!