Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eddie and Brandy

One of the coolest couples I've met in past years are Eddie and Brandy. They compliment each other like a ying and a yang. They are both quirky, funny and good natured. They also live for each other.

One of the coolest things that could have happened this year happened. On a warm and beautiful 18th of May, the two married at LA's gorgeous Arboretum.

This warms my heart because I truly believe they were born to be together and when you witness the union of two people with this kind of destiny, it's a one of a kind moment in life and I feel fortunate and lucky to have been able to be there to share their happiness on their special day.

Congratulations to the both of you!

Dee, me, Jeanie, Su, Kellie, Roxie

Miss.Mindy & Dee

Kellie & Stella

The lovely and talented Janet Klein sung.

Some of the boys.

Mr. and Mrs.Trigueros