Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brandy's Fantastical Bachelorette Party!

So a couple of days ago, my friend Brandy had her bachelorette party at The Edison, an amazing bar in downtown LA. Prior to being an amazing bar though, this place was LA's first private power plant, so it made it all the more interesting. It's interior design is incredible, staying as true as possible to it's original concept, the entire place is a combination of "industrial" and "glamorous".

The theme that night was the 1920's.

STOP! Flappah time!

Did I mention that there was a show there that night? There were acrobats, stilt walkers, dancers and actors all doing their thing. The performers went from room to room putting on little skits for the guests.

Don't ask

Roxy takes a bite out of Cotton Candy Lady's bustier.

Amazing dancers, especially the one on the right!

We had a couple of drinks and had some flatbread with sauces (they were actually really, really good...or maybe I was just hungry...or a little tipsy)

Mindy "stealin' " some elixir

All in all it was a great time. If you weren't there admiring the interior of the place, or watching the old black and white 1920's films being projected on the white walls, or ogling the acrobats, or drinking and were simply hanging out with a couple of good friends wishing Brandy the best in her upcoming adventure called marriage, and that's what that night was really about, no?

Happy Bachelorette Brandy!

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kittens with chainsaws said...

Ahh, what fun! You are one hot lady!! Meow.