Saturday, September 11, 2010

Negrita Cucurumbe

Hello anyone! I apologize for the lack of posts. Really I do. I've been a little caught up making sculptures for an upcoming Day of the Dead art show in San Diego entitled "Dia de Tus Muertos". I'm also doing a piece for a book in Mexico City paying an homage to Gabilondo Soler also known as Cri-Cri, the great Mexican children's song composer!
A handful of artists were picked out to do their versions of a song given to them. Mine is "Cucurumbe", a song about a little girl who doesn't want to be black, she wants to be white like the moon, the shells on the beach and the foam on the shoreline. One day a dapper little fish wearing a bowler hat comes up to her and exclaims " Goodness child! Can't you see that you are beautiful as you are?"
One of my upcoming goals is to have an art show based on Cri-Cri's songs, so this might just be the first step in that direction!
I hope you like it :)


Gabe Swarr said...


Luis Sopelana said...

I really, really hope that wish about an exhibition aout Cri-Cri's songs comes to fruition someday.

En especial me gustaría ver a La Muñeca Fea con todo y ratón, escoba, recogedor, plumero, sacudidor, etc. :) said...

Ay Ay! Me recuerdo de cri cri!
que linda te quedo tu ilustraicon. Que dulce y tierna


Schottstyles said...

I love that story. There are a lot of little girls that need to hear that message. I love your artwork, and your animations!!! Good Luck to you and your Husband, You Guys Rock!!!

You, qué? said...

Grandísimos recuerdos, por casualidad alguien sabe lo que significa cucurumbe? ...siempre tuve la duda. Un besaco corazón

dbtri said...

My mom used to sing this to me as a child before going to bed. I'm dark complected hispanic female (I take after my mother), my father is Caucasian and my sisters all take after him. I sure did have a complex about my skin!