Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sculpture Fun!

I've been getting reprimanded left and right for not putting up any artwork.
So without further ado, here goes.

I'll be having an art show May 10th down in San Diego at the SUBTEXT gallery. Among some of the pieces I made, four of those are four 12 inch wooden sculptures called "Two Faced Monsters". The idea sprung from some little wooden figurines I had done previously for another show entitled "It's All Wood".

Charlie and Carolina

Next I began to sketch out some designs (I apologize for the nasty looking presentation, I think I might have used that paper to wipe my mouth at some time).

Initial sketches

Afterwards, I contacted Bernie Peterson to help me actually make the hourglass shapes you see below. If you don't know Bernie, you should get to know him. He's so nice, he's Bernie Peterson, patron saint of Bernie Petersons.

Ready to painted on!

But not before some color comping.

Painting them was a ton of fun. If you flip them over you get either a "nice" face or an "evil" face. You choose!

Tada! Finished product!


Jorge Gutierrez said...

I want them all.
How much for al four?

kittens with chainsaws said...

You are amazing! I loved peeking into your office to see your progress - they turned out awesome!

I can't wait for your opening! =}

Sean said...

Awesome! Jorge better not take them all!

Gabe Swarr said...


kyle said...

Well, if there's any left after Jorge and Sean, I might be stealing ... er, I mean, purchasing one also.

Sue R. said...

They are fabulous, content and designs!

paige said...

gah. dribble. me speechless.


Anonymous said...